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Service Times:
Sunday - 10:00 am Bible Class | 11:00am Worship
Wednesday - 7:00pm Midweek Bible Study and Fellowship -Fellowship Room


What to Expect When You Visit:

Everyone is welcome to visit any of our services!   Parking is available in one of our two parking lots (either side of our building).  Curbside parking is also usually available.   

Our Sunday  morning (11 a.m.) worship is simple but dignified.  The order of worship may vary, but the following items will be included:  

  • We  praise God in song - you'll find song books in the pew racks and are encouraged to take one and join in the praise!  Song numbers are announced before each song.  Don't worry if you don't think of yourself as a great musical talent.  We strive to "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord".  However if you do enjoy and read music, feel free to sing one of the parts other than the melody.  Our songbooks include mostly traditional four-part harmony visit us if you would like to hear old favorites!
  • Prayers - you'll notice that various members of the congregation are asked to offer prayers during the service.  If you have a concern or a blessing that you would like mentioned in prayer, please let us know when you arrive.  There will also an opportunity after the lesson to bring any prayer requests verbally or by handing a note.  We’ll never put you on the spot, but would be honored to include your prayer needs in our service!
  • The Lord's Supper - Many consider this the centerpiece of our worship. We share the simple emblems of the body of Christ that was broken and the blood of Christ shed for the sins of the world. We celebrate God’s great gift of love, a perfect Savior.   Communion is served to you in your pew.  As the elements are being passed around the room you may be struck by something rare in much twenty-first century worship....silence.   There is something wonderful about being with others who love the Lord in silent contemplation of his empowering and loving sacrifice, his amazing grace, his great work of redemption. 
  • An Offering - Usually after communion, we take a collection to support the local and international work of the congregation.  Visitors are not expected to contribute so please do not feel under any obligation.
  • Time in God's Word - Every Sunday service includes a Bible-based  lesson where we explore  God's word looking for applications to our daily lives.   Bring your own Bible or you'll find one in the pew rack next to the song books.  Children are invited to go to Children’s Church when the sermon starts.    

 When the last “amen” is said or sung, many people just hang around enjoying each other's company.  When you visit, please feel free to linger and let us get to know you.  We certainly want to respect everyone's personal space, but please know that you do not need to remain a stranger here!  All are welcome.  We are a company of friends and a family of faith...and we have room for you! 

The Sunday evening service (6:00 p.m.) is not simply a repeat of the morning service.  The lesson, songs and prayers are different. Many enjoy a second time to praise God on Sunday.    A group usually goes out for dinner after this service....come & join us. 

Our Wednesday evening meeting (7 p.m.) is a casual gathering in our fellowship room on the first floor (parking lot level).   We spend time singing songs by request (so bring your favorite hymn request!).  Then we usually share prayer requests and someone is asked to lead in prayer.   About half or time is spent in an open discussion facilitated by our Minister.  All are welcome to participate, but you will not be put on the spot or embarrassed.  Bibles are available.  Tea and/or coffee is also provided and many enjoy a hot cup of tea while we are meeting.

If you have any questions about our scheduled services, please send us an email by clicking the envelope icon at the bottom of this page. 


Our address is 6122 PCH, Redondo Beach, CA  90277      MAP

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