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Luke 17:11-19


     May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.” -Psalm 119:76  (October Theme Verse)

Everyone is welcome to our gatherings for worship, fellowship and Bible study.  Scroll down for information  re: upcoming meetings.   Click on "visiting" above to read about a typical Sunday morning service.  Questions?  Email us via the envelope icon below.    

(Scroll Down for Info re: the Ladies Class)

Sunday October 28th. 11 a.m.  Worship Service Sunday we'll take a lesson from the little OT book of Jonah, God's run-away prophet!  Remember?  God directs him to Nineveh with a message of judgement; Jonah flees (he "makes haste to flee"!) in the opposite direction!  How could a fatihtful prophet do that?  It's a short book---read all four chapters ahead of Sunday and see if you can find Jonah's own answer as to why he tried to run from God.  Do we?   

Sunday October 28th. 6 p.m.  Worship Service:  Our theme verse has promising words (unfailing love, comfort) for God's servant.  Do we think of ourselves as servants of God?  Join us Sunday evening. 

Sunday October 28th. 10 a.m. - Bible Classes for All Ages.  We have  two adult upstairs (the Auditorium Class) and another that meets in our Fellowship Room (downstairs/parking lot level).  The upstairs class is studying the Books of 1st & 2nd Samuel.  The downstairs class is studying selected Psalms.   Children's class is also downstairs. 

Wednesday October 24th.  Our Usual Midweek Evening   The first part of this gathering is devoted to songs (by request from our hymnal) and prayer (bring your requests) and the second part to Bible study.  This Wednesday, we'll think about forgiveness.   Use west parking lot bldg. entrance.  Can't join us Wed.? Call in and listen: (213) 416-1560 PIN: 479 3094#.    

Saturday November 17th. 11 a.m.  Ladies Bible Class.  Using the Gospel of Luke, the class theme will be "the Life of Jesus". What a great time, ladies, to join this group!  Meets in parking lot level fellowship room.  (note: the usual first Saturday meeting cancelled this month). 

          Everyone is welcome - we hope to see you soon!   
                    Questions?  Send us an email by clicking the envelope icon below.  

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