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 Happy Mothers Day   Honoring mom, Paul says, is the first command with a promise.  That promise includes the broadly-stated blessing, “that it may be well with you”.  (Eph. 6:2).  How profound that having it “be well” with us, depends on giving appropriate honor to our parents.  And what a blessing parents give their children by being honorable; it  enables their children to have it “be well” with them.  We see tragic alternatives in the news every day!

Some of us honor the memories of mothers who are no longer with us but whose long-silent voices we still hear in important ways. The hearts of the most elderly among us may be calmed in recalling a lullaby sung 80 or more years ago.  Powerful world leaders faced with difficult ethical choices, surrounded by clamoring and conflicting advisors may find wisdom recalling simple playground lessons in fairness from mom: “remember to share!” or “take care of your little sister!” or “do you really think that was kind?! ” We may remember mother’s stern and loving words with equal gladness.  We can be called to our better selves by remembering a childhood scolding delivered in love. We may be emboldened to do good by remembering mother’s early lessons in kindness. It is impossible to overstate the potential influence for good of godly, honorable mothers.     

It must be easy for life’s daily challenges to take something of the luster from motherhood’s loftier ideals.  Let us pray God’s love, wisdom, and strength for mothers today.  Pray that they may see their role as a God-given and sacred calling.  Pray that they may be channels of God’s own love and that when they are weary or discouraged, they may turn anew to the promise of God to pour His very love “within our hearts” by His Spirit (Romans 5:5), and that they may with fresh courage, pour His very love into the hearts of the precious ones entrusted to them.  And thank God for Godly mothers!

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